How many?

0 peaks

Total elevation

0 metres

  • Italy/France

    Mont Blanc

    4809 m

  • Sweden


    2096 m

  • Georgia Italy- Europe


    5193 m

  • Iceland


    2110 m

  • Portugal

    Serra da Estrela

    1993 m


52 peaks, the sustainable way

Our goal is to climb all 52 highest peaks of Europe in the timespan of one year, but we want to add some spice to it. We will only use SUSTAINABLE and RESPONSIBLE ways of traveling and the power of our bodies, and all for a good cause as well.

52 peaks

We will climb the peaks of each country on the European plate

During 365 days

We want to make the journey in the course of one year

Sustainable travel

We will travel only by public transport with low carbon footprint

For a good cause

While helping some NGOs that fight to protect our environment

Peaks climbed

3 / 52

Elevation conquered

4448 / 97.205 m

Weeks passed


Sustainable & Responsible

What is meant by sustainable, responsible travel?

Taking a plane or car to travel to all these countries and reach the peaks would be quite harmful for the environment. That's why we will only use public transportation with a low carbon footprint, such as buses, trains, small ferries, and the power of our own bodies.

We hope that this will prove that every corner of this small continent, Europe, can be reached with only public transport and that traveling doesn't have to be something that worsens the condition of our fragile environment and it can also be done in a responsible way.


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